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Great Job, Highly Recommended!

I recently bought a 'North Face' waterproof jacket and whilst it is very good I was annoyed by the dreaded velcro catching on everything. I sent it off to Quickstitch and they did a brilliant job of removing the offending velcro and replacing it with press studs. The end result was excellent and you can barely see where the velcro had been. It looks better than new! Have used Quickstitch in the past and would use them again. Very quick turnaround and very good value for money. Highly recommended.

Anthony Wighton

zip replacement

excellent service, good as new!


Trouser Lengthening

Very swift turnaround and excellent quality. Thoroughly recommended.

Gareth Appleton-Barnes

Jeans zip replacement

Excellent service and good quality repairs, as good as new, sent on Saturday and returned on Thursday.

Will recommend to others.

Chris Jackson

Leg taper for men's jeans

great cut...i love the new fit...superb service

J Harris

Leather Jacket Zip Replacement

I can't recommend them enough. I needed my zip replacing in my leather jacket, and the inside pocket was all ripped up. A local firm quoted over £100 for just the zip replacement, and a two to three week wait.

Quickstitch replaced my zip for £24.99, repaired the pocked for free, and from sending my jacket to them to receiving it back today, it has taken 7 days.

If you have any clothing repair needs, check them out.

William Kirkman

full leg taper

Excellent work carried out on 4 pairs of trousers I sent to Quickstitch for leg tapering.

I'm more than pleased with the very professional results and I've recommended your company to some of my friends.
So, well done on a great service!
I will be using Quickstitch again for sure.


Trouser Taper

Brilliant service.Sent Wednesday received back Friday morning beautifully done!!.

C J Lambert

New Zip on summer dress

FANTASTIC. Competitively priced. Professional service. And turnaround is soooo quick (withing 24 hrs) and includes 1st class postage and packaging. Cant recommend this company enough, will definitely use again. Thank you very much Quickstitch.

Lisa Bertin

Excellent zip replacement in suede jacket

Delighted. Replacement zip in suede jacket - easy to use website, very good price, excellent quality work, rapid turnaround with inclusive 1st class postage. I couldn't have asked for more.

Mr R Fuller

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