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Jeans zip fix

Absolutely amazing service!! I thought I was going to have to say goodbye to my favourite jeans when the zip broke. I was so happy to receive them back with a perfectly fitted new zip! In the times of coronavirus as well - absolutely thrilled with the service. Definitely recommend.


new zip North Face shell jacket

great service quality job Thank you.

neil roberts

replacement zip for ski jacket

I was so impressed with this service! The zip on my daughter's ski jacket was broken and when I searched on google, I thought I'd have to pay almost the cost of a second hand jacket to have it repaired. Thankfully I found Quickstitch, sent the jacket off and received it back, 1 week later.The zip was expertly replaced and all for around £25 including postage. Brilliant! Thank you for a great service

Mrs Batchelor

Excellent service and knowledgeable staff

I needed the zip replacing on a coat. After receiving my item, Quickstitch called me to talk me through my options, as there was a potential complication with the placement of the buttons. I went ahead with the repair and have now received my coat back. The repair work looks excellent, and I can now do up my coat again, just in time for the winter! Many thanks to Quickstitch for the fabulous service, highly recommended!


Leather Biker Jacket - zip sleeve shortening

Bought a Belstaff jacket with zips on the sleeves. The sleeves were too long. Sent jacket to Quickstich, received it back in a few days and the alteration was perfect. Would highly recommend this company. Fantastic job.

Myles B

Customer Service

My husband and I have just received terrible customer service in your Metrocentre store. We went in to pick up some dry cleaning - we waited as the lady was measuring a bridesmaid. There were other staff visible in the back room - we waited and no one acknowledged us until the lady asked us to move out the way so the bridesmaid could see in the mirror (it’s a small entrance so where the mirror is next to the counter). We obviously moved and carried on waiting until we realised she wasn’t going to acknowledge us at all. I asked if there was anyone available to hand us our dry cleaning as we were just there to pick it up. She replied she was the only one out front and everyone else was sewing so we should comeback later. This is rude enough when all we wanted was our goods. We came back later - the lady was falsely as nice as pie to our daughter, obviously knowing she’d treated us badly. When I asked her if it was policy to send customers away she replied that it takes 20 mins to fit a bridesmaid. Fair enough I replied but asked why she hadn’t acknowledged us - she said she had and I obviously told her that she’d asked us to move out the way of the mirror. I tried to say I understand that retail is busy to which she replied “I don’t work in retail”. I told her she was being rude and all she could do was repeat anything I said back to me. She knew she was in the wrong. I wasn’t rude at all - I was assertive as I was clearly upset. The customer service was absolutely disgraceful and she was horrendous to not even take the feedback. All we would have liked was the courtesy of an apology. I will pass this on to Metrocentre management as I’m sure they will need to know that these are they type of people employed in their centre. Obviously we won’t be returning here. Everyone has worked in retail at some point and understand the pressures - I wouldn’t usually make a statement about service but it was actually shocking to be treated this way. To top it off she told us to just “go away”. Your staff need to think of the affect they have on other people and their day.


Lightweight Motorcycle Jacket

They replaced the zip in my much loved Draggin Jeans motorcycle jacket for £30 including postage. Amazing old fashioned service, great communication and quick turnaround. Highly recommended

Mark Holmes

Great Service

Sent a pair of jeans to Quickstitch via post as my local tailor wouldn't take jeans and received them back less than a week later! The jeans looked great, just as I'd wanted them to, highly recommend using this service!

mairi orr

Replacement Zip Berghaus Jacket

Excellent Service - quick turnaround - very helpful advice given from Peter when I rang gave me the confidence to use Quickstitch, glad I did. Thank you.

Pam Whittington

new zip fitted to berghaus coat

Wow what a brilliant service, new double action zip fitted,kept well informed,great price,would not hesitate to recommend quickstitch as a first choice for your repairs,or alterations.great job,

Dave Cadwallader

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