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With 25 years experience as clothing alterations specialists, we understand how to make your clothes fit your requirements.

As our customer testimonials throughout the site show, you can trust Quickstitch to provide a fast, friendly and efficient service, with top quality tailoring.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the Original Hem Service?
A: Our innovative Original hem Service was developed by our seamstresses to disguise the shortening alterations, matching our hems with the originals.

We aim to make your jeans look good as new, and as you can see from our customer reviews and high volume of returning customers, it really does work!

Q: Can I use the Original Hem Service if my jeans are flared?
A: For flared jeans, we recommend the standard hem instead of the Original Hem Service. Due to the flared shape of the jeans, there is less fabric to construct the hem, making the standard hem more appropriate.

Q: If I choose a standard hem for my jeans shortening will you use the same colour thread?

A: On all standard hem jeans we match the colours of the hem with your jeans. Our aim is to conceal all alterations and make your jeans look as near to new as we can!

Q: Can my jeans still be shortened if I have worn away the bottoms from trailing on the ground?
A: This is a common request for us and easily solved. We shorten jeans with damage at the bottom rear of the leg, finishing with a standard hem or any infinity hem.

Q: Will you replace my broken jeans zip with an exact match?
A. We guarantee to replace your jeans zip with an exact match of the fabric, metal and other material of your original jeans zip.

Q: Can you shorten my jeans into jean shorts?
A: No problem. Just put the pins in where you would like the finished hem to be and specify that you would like your jeans turned into shorts.


Q: Do I need to pin both legs on my trousers for shortening?
A: You only need to pin one leg. When you have finished, measure the inside leg length of the pinned leg. Remember to leave all the pins in as well as the additional measurements.

Q: If I have two pairs of trousers for alteration, do I have to pin both pairs?
A: Pin each pair of trousers separately, unless you can specify the exact inside leg measurement you need for shortening.

Q: What if I have different length legs?
A: Double check your pinning, and the height you are wearing the trousers on your waist. Different length legs are actually very rare, but if you do require different leg lengths on your trousers, simply pin each leg separately and note on the alteration form that you have different leg lengths and you would like the trousers shortened as pinned.

Q: If I have trousers with vents can I have them shortened with the vents put back in?
A: Yes, no problem. Please state on the order form that you want the vents kept in.

Q: How can I measure the alteration accurately so I can wear my trousers with different pairs of shoes?
A: Trousers should usually stop at the top of your shoe heel or a finger's width off the ground. Find a length which suits all the shoes you want to wear the trousers with, and pin the trousers up accordingly for us to alter.


Q: If the zip is on the side of the skirt instead of at the back, can it still be replaced?
A: We can replace skirt zips at the back or side.

Q: If my skirt is shortened with a vent can you keep the vent the same length after the alteration?
A: Unfortunately, if the skirt is shortened we cannot increase the vent.

Q: I have a full length skirt and I just want it taken off the ground. Is there a good guide?
A: The skirt should be shortened to about an inch off the ground, so that if someone ran their hand across the floor, the skirt should stroke the top of their hand.


Q: Why is it best to opt for a straight finish if the shirt is to be altered by 3 inches or more?
A: Shirts are usually curved at the bottom, making them longer at the centre front and back and shorter at the side seams. If we shorten it by 3 inches or more, a straight finish would keep the side at an appropriate length, while retaining the curve would leave them too short.


All trouser zips have a 6 month manufacturer's warranty

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